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Why you should vote for Trump in 2020

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

The Republicans are really good at politics, I mean like Jedi level good. Let’s see, they managed to give big tax breaks, confirmed two Supreme Court justices, and have done nothing on healthcare or guns and most likely will not pay much of a price for it. Democrats on the other hand are good at pop-culture; mainstreaming their message using the media, and articulating a general discontent towards this President while also drowning out the messages of the Democratic candidates running for president.

It’s not a secret that I dislike Trump’s behavior, but the Democrats have basically dropped the ball, nay, they’ve just stopped playing the game entirely when it comes to politics. The congressional Democrats have lo learn to take more political risks if they ever hope to accomplish anything in Washington. While I do my best to tow the political independent line, I’m going to have to say that Trump is well on his way to another victory in 2020, and Congressional Democrats are to blame.

Case in point... Congressional Democrats are missing out on a rare opportunity to point out that President Trump, on multiple occasions in the Mueller Report, wanted to limit election interference to future elections only, these were his words and request…well this IS a future election! Trump has basically confessed and helped us all connect the dots on the Ukraine - Biden scandal.

I mean let’s think about this. The Democrats say they are not unified about voting for an impeachment inquiry because it will be shot down in the Senate. But how many bills have they already passed that are waiting on Mitch McConnell’s desk to be taken up for a vote? Answer: Over 100! Therefore one could deduce that the willingness of the Senate is not or should not be a deterrent to voting on things.

Could you imagine what our political atmosphere would be like if Pelosi had the courage of her convictions that Mitch McConnell showed by blocking Merrick Garland? Everyone thought that this would be political suicide, but not only dis the Republicans win the Whitehouse but they heavily stacked the Supreme Court for many generations.

So as I stated at the beginning, we should all just go ahead and drink the MAGA Kool-Aid. Go buy your coveted red hat, and hope you don’t get Jussie Smolletted. Because we may not always get the President we want, but we always get the President we deserve.

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